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We have been so happy to host a string of visitors in the past week. However, we regret to inform our lovely guests that they have lost the Cute Visitor Contest. Perhaps they didn’t know there was a Cute Visitor Contest. It doesn’t matter now, because they lost. Hands down.

This kid won.

We have to admit, it wasn’t really a fair contest.

She was able to get some crawling practice, chasing the kitty around. This was a fun exchange to watch.

So close. Kitty almost wants to play. But not quite.

She was determined to get the kitty. Her face lit up when she saw him. If it seemed like the kitty was looking at her, she smiled and giggled. She was determined to eat this kitty.

He wasn’t so sure.

So instead, we took the kid to the pub. Father’s daughter, this kid.

She liked the Vortex IPA. Thanks for hanging out with us, Roxy.

Thanks also to all the Cute Visitor Contest runners up. We like all our guests, regardless of their cuteability.


  1. Dang, and here I thought I could show up all disheveled some day. Now I learn that I will be judged and found lacking?!


    Note to self, must find a cute contraption that keeps me attached to the chair.


  2. Katy, as consolation, you get points for not having a poopy diaper. :-)

  3. Glad my daughter won the award, but poor Dinger will be glad when your cute visitor leaves.

  4. Sherry Halley says

    Hi Heather,
    As grammy to that Cute Visitor Contest award winner, I wanted to thank you for sharing your adorable photos. This grandparent totally agrees with your choice for winner. She is definitely the apple of my eye and the sweetest little girl ever.
    Best wishes,
    p.s. – Hope Dinger enjoyed the chase!

  5. Aunty Laurie says

    Ya know what, I think Dinger really Did enjoy his visitor, looks like he was just playing hard to get!! p.s. She really is P.D.C.!!!

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