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Channel Overload

I’m working on updating the theme for this blog. I’ve been working on this for oh, say, six months or more. I’ve got a new theme almost ready to go, with a new header, some new little features, a new About page (not done writing it yet) and some segmentation for my various scattered and incongruent subject matter. So if you come to read downsizing stories, they’ll be easy to find. Or if you come to read cat puke stories, they’ll be easy to find. I’ve been working on this for a while and have been fairly happy, but not ecstatic about the results. Recently I took another look at the new theme I was working on, and I’m already tired of it. I want to update the update. Damn.

This is a classic scenario. I get excited about a new bright shiny project, and I work on it diligently and intensely until the energy runs out, then I’m off to the next “ooh, shiny!” project. I get caught up in the details. I have other things to write and update before I release a new theme, and I get bogged down with all those little things that ought to happen first. I might be really excited about something, but I find a way to stuff it so full of prerequisites, it’s not even fun any more. I know how to party.

So I’m starting over and I hope to get it done sooner, before my inspiration and interest fade. Which brings up another goddamned issue. I have this blog, and I have Twitter, and now I have a personal Facebook page, and a Mile73 Facebook page. I have a LinkedIn account, but I’m not sure why. I also have Flickr and Tumblr, which I’m not linking to because I don’t use them much. I want an online photo solution, and I haven’t found anything I like yet, but that brings me to my point. Channel overload. What the hell do we do with all these outlets? Each has a bit of a learning curve, each has their own community, and each take up a lot of goddamned time. I work from home, and I sit on my butt in front of a computer all day, and I don’t even have the time for all these outlets.

My inclination is to do most of my writing and creative stuff from this blog, then share on other venues from there. But then I feel like a cheap pusher, plastering redundant links all over the place. “Look at me! And my stuff! Over here, over here, and over here, too!” I want to make the best use of these various channels, and each can require lots of cultivation. But I don’t want the time I spend “managing social media” to cut into actually going to do stuff in the real world.

I’m not being crabby about it because I don’t understand it, like you kids get off my lawn with your damned internet. I want to call all the pieces together and have one central place for all my “stuff.” Those other channels are interesting, and parts of me feel like I should use them more. It becomes a tremendous time and energy suck. Never mind just goofing off out of boredom. Even if I were super diligent about my time, community building and promotion could very quickly overshadow creation. I see people do this all the time. Lots of noise with very little substance. I want to write more substance.

Because, you know, those cat puke stories aren’t going to write themselves.


  1. I’ve used Flickr for photos for 5-ish years now and they basically do the trick, although you’ll want a Pro (i.e. non-free) account if you think you’ll ever post more than 200 photos or upload more than ~20Mb in a month. I ran into that after just a few months. But Pro accounts are pretty cheap at least.

    So right now it’s the blog for original stuff — photos, writing, low-quality YouTube videos of the cat, etc. — and socializing happens more on Twitter. I’ve avoided Facebook so far, and I can’t get into the social aspects of Flickr or YouTube. YouTube because all commenters there are the worst people on earth, while on Flickr everyone just wants to talk about their camera gear all the time, which is incredibly tedious. I just started with Tumblr a couple of months ago, and so far it’s mostly pop culture randomness plus echidnas, which feels worthwhile for some reason. And LinkedIn is for… I’m not sure yet. Oh, and technically I still haven’t closed my old MySpace account…

  2. Thanks, B. I was wondering what works best for prolific photographers. I do have a flickr pro account. I paid for it and I don’t use it. I’m super lame. I guess I just need to invest the time and work out my system. I’m taking lots of photos in Astoria.

  3. this blog post was (is?) very timely. it too am boooored with my theme on all my blogs. except my glasswench blog. i still like that one. i’ve changed them up, but i am not in love with either of them yet. i like the look of the kellig.wordpress blog, but i do not like the dark background with the tan letters. and i have zero interest in the learning curve. i don’t want to know what all those words mean. wtf is meta? and who cares??!!
    i have my fb acct, but cannot seem to figure out how to get the business end of it up and running and to draw people to it. maybe i am just lazy. it is so much work, damnit. and there are so many other things to do.

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