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You Know Who’s Awesome?

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This guy.

Here’s another reason, besides wearing PJs and drinking bloody marys, that it’s so much better to work from home. This guy wants me to hurry up and sit my ass down so he can curl up in my lap and purr at my face and occasionally bite my arm if he suspects he’s not the center of attention.

It’s also important to remember, in case there was any fleeting smidge of doubt, I am still wholeheartedly, unabashedly a whackjob crazy ass cat lady.


  1. Forgot to mention another fabulous thing about working from home. No alarm clock. Holy crap, no alarm clock is the best. I still often wake up before 7 am, but not having to wake up to an alarm clock makes me a better human being.

  2. Aunty Laurie says

    You Have to have a FEW more cats to qualify for Cat Lady status! But I think your ok on the rest of the title!! hahaha

  3. my old alarm clock died. i had a clock/cd player that i had purchased for a now-defunct business so i put that into use.
    sucky!!! the alarm noise was horrendous. WAH! WAH! WAH!! it woud jolt me out of sleep ito instant and long-lasting grumpiness. and the snooze time increment was 6 minutes. 6 flippin minutes!! who can snooze in 6 minutes??!!
    while i was trying to figure out how to increase the snooze time, or even if i could, i came across a tiny button that said “alarm/radio/cd”. i puzzled over it fro a few moments, then realized it was the “alarm” mode for wake up. i put a spa cd in that sucker and woke the next day to the gentle sounds of the ocean.
    so. much. better.

  4. and of course dinger is awesome. he LOVES having his humans home. i know this because mine are adjusting to being alone all day now. they do not like it.

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