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Travel Tuesday: Using Our Feet

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We had lovely warm weather over the weekend. While the rest of the country was sweltering, and even Portland was warmer than usual, we had clear skies and pleasant eighty degree temperatures. If it seems like I’m bragging while the rest of the country was roasting, I AM. Our skies are usually gray and clouded over. Astoria gets 67 inches of rain a year, and not just in large storms that dump precipitation. It comes in the form of gray, soaking mist that lasts for 689 days a year. You bet your ass I’m going to enjoy a sunny goddamned day here.

On a gorgeous weekend day, we knew everyone, plus their uncle, and their dog, and their fairy godmother, would be out enjoying the sun. So we decided to avoid getting in the car and opted for a walk through the hills of our fair town. We hiked though the neighborhood above Uppertown to Irving Street, which runs though a canopy of trees to the main part of town. We have been told that if there is undeveloped land on the hills of Astoria, it’s because the area is a known slide zone. There are amazing views through thick trees.


There are fewer cross streets leading to Irvine because of said lack of development, however the cross streets are still marked. At 28th and Irvine, the Cathedral Tree trail head starts a hike up to the Astoria Column. We’ll probably try it sometime soon.

As we got closer to town, the trees opened up and there were cute little houses perched on the hill. It was a really, really nice day.

I took this photo overlooking someone’s driveway.

The river is four miles wide at this point. That swooshy building is the Columbia River Maritime Museum, which we’ve visited a number of times and I wrote about here.

As of today, that ship is still anchored in the river, so I was able to look it up. It’s the SUZAKU and it’s waiting to go to the Port of Kalama to either drop off or pick up some corn, soy or wheat. My guess is the ship is currently empty (sitting high in the water) and it’s picking up wheat brought in by rail from Eastern Oregon, where the harvest has been delayed by our chilly, rainy spring.

Here is an old sign on an old tree next to an old garage. It was mostly illegible as the paint was peeling and showing the original “Oregon 22” route underneath.

Looking down the hill to the Columbia Lightship, parked outside the museum. It’s about four and a half blocks to the water from here.

I like old stuff.

This is a fairly common sight in Astoria. There are grand historic homes, right next to modest old worker houses. They are appreciated in varying degrees. Some are meticulously maintained, others are falling apart. The weather creates a constant battle, but many of these houses are over 100 years old. Someone please give me half a million dollars so I can unleash some love on this house? Pretty please?

Also, whoever lives on the second floor is a winner.

Our destination was the Sunday Market.

In real life, this was a gorgeous view and a pretty picture. As a photo, all I can see is wires. Four blocks of wires crossing over the street. Maybe I will take one of these photos and give myself a photoshop workout.

We perused the market, got some lunch and walked home along the river.

We live in a pretty place.



  1. Great pictures! That last picture with the wires shows how high up you were, so it adds depth to the picture. It looks as though a wholesome market is bustling in a squeezed space of some town. Kinds neat!

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