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My Interpretation Of A Troll

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I used to think trolls were sort of a universal archetype, like all the troll comments in the history of trolling were all sort of done by the same “universal person.” That’s why they sound the same, and why they are often quite predictable. It’s some sort of transcendental stupidity and nastiness that reveals itself when people think they are anonymous. I’ve come to learn there are all sorts of trolls, like local paper trolls, political trolls, racist trolls, religious trolls, barely literate teenage trolls, and crazy psycho mommy blogger trolls, to name a few.

Besides the usual ignorant howling, they all have one thing in common. They all have butt zits.

True story.

(*This is an actual comment made on this blog. I have never written a word about basketball.)


  1. Hey now, some of us take pride in our trolling and my butt is 100% zit free. Also, I like to use Linux when trolling because I like to feel superior while I’m feeling superior.

    That being said, look at the upside. If you attract a troll or two, it means you’re popular :)

  2. John, I guess I can appreciate trolling for good. But there are so, so, so many dumbshits out there. I think they are winning at dragging the lowest common denominator even lower. Those are the ones with ass rash.

  3. Maybe you’ll thank the trolls after Obamacare gives the country to a Socialism Muslim country. Or maybe you need an amazing remedy for zits or other commomly searched terms like zit, acne, blemish, pimple, boil, iPhone.

    (Long time reader, first time troller.)

  4. You think you’re so cool writing about trolls, but your cats think that you are ridiculous and also late and skimpy on the tuna.

  5. Hehe. I might do a troll series. Bridget, I’ll do a cat troll.

    And thanks, Mike for giving me some other search terms besides “boobs.” For some reason, I get a lot of that.

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