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Careful What You Wish For

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I don’t know about you, but I have a stable of fantasy careers and alternate lives. Whatever I may be doing in real life, I’m almost always thinking of what I’d rather be doing. Even if I’m perfectly happy, I like to keep my alternate fantasy life blooming and vividly colored.

I have fantasies of opening an art store, writing books, building houses, getting a puppy. None of these are particularly outrageous, as far as fantasies go, and they might be perfectly feasible if I focus and poured my energy into them. But, you know, that means I have to pick something and focus on it. And that’s hard. Haaaaard.

One of my fantasy careers/alternate lives was to quit our jobs and move to Astoria. And holy crap, I never thought it would actually happen. Attaining a long held goal was unexpected and fabulous. And it’s actually kind of screwed me up a little. Now what the hell do I do? I always thought of myself as a dreamer, not a doer. And crap, now that we’ve attained this goal, I’m thinking about the other long-held goals I’ve fantasied about and I’m chewing my nails. What do we do next? I want to hurry up and get to it. I’m goal oriented, I need something to work on.

I feel like I have to choose wisely, because now we may actually make it happen. What a fricken problem to have.


  1. Well, whatever it is, so long as you write about it you’ll have our rapt attention!

  2. You could write a book about building *really* tiny houses that you sold in an art store–and about the stray puppy that changed your lives forever…. (Spoiler Alert: it ends where you build a tiny dog house).

  3. Mike, pack your bags. You’re ready for Hollywood.

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