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Here’s My Goddamned Happy List

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I realized recently that I talk about My Goddamned Happy List all the time, but I never actually wrote it down. It’s mostly a mental list, but then it’s easy to forget what makes me happy, and then I’d be a walking existential crisis. And I know me, I’d probably start writing bad poetry.

My Goddamned Happy List is sort of multifaceted. It’s just general items that make me happy, like peanut butter ice cream, whiskers on kittens, and dozens and dozens of bagpipes. It’s smart to have some self-familiarity when it comes to what makes you happy. It sort of makes you responsible for attaining it, you know?

But My Goddamned Happy List is also a To-Do list. Things I want to try, or goals I want to accomplish, or projects I want to finish. Most of these aren’t particularly heroic. And there’s no guarantee doing any of these things will result in actual happiness. But usually, I procrastinate on them so long, I at least get a sense of accomplishment when I finally get around to them.

Then finally, there’s a list of ultimate fantasy items, like, wildest dreams type of happy. Perhaps I shouldn’t delineate these into a category called “Not Gonna Happen.” But these are items I like dreaming about, and maybe under the right set of circumstances, they may become front burner goals.

I’m going to keep My Goddamned Happy List in a permanent place and update it as I go. This is just a partial list, and I feel like I’ve left a bunch of things off. I think of new happy stuff all the time. And very, very occasionally, I get stuff done, and I will cross them off the “To-Do” list.

Feel free to share some items from your own Goddamned Happy List below. If you don’t have one, hop off now, like a little bunny and make yourself one. Everyone needs a Goddamned Happy List.

Stuff I Want To Do
Finish fixing up my granny chair
Paint a bunch of silly, decorative paintings, set up an Etsy shop
Finish the crochet blanket I’ve been working on for three years
Learn Illustrator, CSS, HTML and other shit I should know
Take a Southwest trip
Take an East Coast trip
Go swimming (regularly)
Get into Yoga
Go ride bikes
Study geology
Floss more often
Find a better personal finance solution
Buy or build a headboard (requires power tools and health insurance)
Get a puppy
Start a family?

Ultimate Fantasy Stuff I Would Like To Happen
Build a straw bale house in the high desert and/or a rustic cabin in the woods
Write books, and/or get paid to write
Get an Airstream or other camper, and travel to every National Park in the US
Get an Airstream or other camper, and visit every brewery in Oregon
Buy a house with a breakfast nook

Stuff That Just Makes Me Happy
Impressionist paintings, especially landscapes
Jon Stewart
Plaid and argyle
Driving with the top down (I owned a convertible for a while and loved it)
A fabulous new haircut
Office supplies
Finishing a hike (I hate starting hikes)
Reading a good book
Popcorn popped on the stove
Ocean waves on rocks
Geology, plate tectonics, volcanoes
Being in love
Losing weight
Lounge music (I fucking love it)
Dinger (my kitty)
Having the time to work on a crochet project guilt-free
The sound of wind in trees, and nothing else
Learning something new
Remembering something old
Soft, comfy socks
Cooking good food
Chubby baby bellies and hands (nom nom nom)
Joshua Tree (the National Park, but also the album)
Goooood coffee
Finishing a project
Skinny, pissed off British dudes from the early 80s
Good, long road trips
Bulldog puppies
Organizing my space

Stuff I Did That Made Me Happy (a partial list)
Grow an indoor herb garden
Make homemade pasta
Read more books
Move to Astoria
Get rid of some stuff
Quit my job
Pay off all my debt
Move to Portland

To be continued…


  1. Very nice! I’m about to do something from my happy list, or 2 things, continue decorating our bedroom, by doing this… We were at Ikea and they had some interesting fabrics so we bought a yard of each. Next are the stretcher bars. Then with the leftover fabric, maybe some of those silly decorative pillows people don’t use, but would tie things in so much better. I love peanut butter ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, etc!! And Farmer’s Markets, and long pj pants that go to my feet, and coffee, and…

  2. I need some of those tree paintings, so let me know when you get that Etsy thing done!

  3. That’s neat, Meredith! I want to do some furniture rehab or some Ikea hacks to make our furniture look less Ikea-y.

    Jodi…I’ll get on it soon. I had a nice, inspiring conversation with a local artist just yesterday and it helped relight that fire a bit. Thanks!

  4. This is fantastic! I need to make my own happy list now.

  5. You guys, I totally registered We’re going to start a revolution. A goddamned happy revolution.

  6. Additions to my happy list: Red ink pens. The phrase “I can’t shut up about it.” Gnocchi.

  7. I love maps, too. Atlases and maps make me happy.

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