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Dave Knows Portland T-Shirt

Do you love Portland? Me too!

If you love coffee, or beer, or fixie bikes, or dorky glasses, or skinny jeans, or flannel, or being a pants-wetting liberal, or putting birds on things, or being over educated, or under employed, or composting your own poo, or retiring before 40, or driving a Subaru, or bursting blood vessels at soccer matches, or being a tree-hugging dirt worshiper, or keeping chickens in your backyard, or playing bagpipes while riding a unicycle…

…do we have the shirt for you!

The Dave Knows Portland t-shirt. Essential apparel for the hipper-than-thou Portlander in your life.

Go git you one. We have a limited amount, and if we sell out, I can continue to use my ivy education to design t-shirts.

And as always, thanks for supporting Dave Knows! We couldn’t be semi-employed creatives without you!

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