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One Step Closer To Being In Charge Of Everyone

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With Goddamned Breakfast Sandwiches, I shall rule the world.

My sister got me one of these for my birthday.

It poaches your egg, heats your (precooked) meat and toasts your english muffin all at the same time. So that I can make Goddamned Breakfast Sandwiches. And Rule The World.

I finally figured out that I was using too much water and rubberizing my eggs. I’m not very bright. I used less water today and my eggs came out fluffy, moist and delicious.

This is all it takes, folks. Happiness and World Domination = Breakfast Sandwiches.


  1. I will worship at your feet if’n you get me one of those right now.

  2. They are part of the back to school products at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They are too good!! I didn’t even think of bacon!!!

  3. I had one of these for about a year until the egg cooker part died. I loved it and I was very sad when it broke. I’ll be curious to hear how yours lasts. If mine was just a fluke I’ll buy another but if it’s a crappy product I won’t. BTW, if you want to, you can use eggbeaters or egg whites also.

  4. We had one for work, and it got used so much, it did break after about a year, but that was with like 10 people using it, and about 5 sandwiches a day.

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