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Storm Batters Pacific Northwest.

Both Washington and Oregon have declared states of emergency. I already had to get another $99 plane tomorrow morning from Seattle to Portland because the trains are canceled and the I-5 (the main route between the cities) may be closed for 3 days.

I’m wondering if this is the same storm that blasted us a few days ago.

I also hear that locals are so used to the rain, that if you use an umbrella, you immediately identify yourself as a tourist. Sweet!


  1. Baby Goguen says

    Greeaaaaat time to visit. Wear a trash bag… to your interview. Is the umbrella thing the same as someone who is sun burned in Los Angeles is pointed out as a tourist? Remember that? Silly! It’s going to be cold, raw and wet, take all precautions.

  2. Hee hee, umbrellas are overrated anyway! Remember how we can tell who is a tourist in Massachusetts?….. oh wait, we don’t get tourists, do we? Good luck!!

  3. Garrett Miles says

    Umbrellas are for pussies! Go Huskies!!

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