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FYI: Lemon Basil Is Very Different Than Regular Basil

Okay, I know no one is as excited about my herb garden as I am. I can’t shut up about it. It’s goddamned exciting.

They are still in the fish tank, but I put them in a deep window sill to supplement the one fluorescent grow light I have shining on them. They all seem pretty happy.

I do wonder if they are getting enough light, because they seem “leggy,” which is when the plants stretch towards a light source. This is the first time I’ve grown herbs. And I’ve never seen herb seedlings grown in optimum conditions so I don’t have anything to compare them to.

I do still have to keep the herbs in the fish tank because of this.

The herbs will soon grow over the top of the tank and I’ll have to blockade the windowsill to keep him from jumping up there. I haven’t seen the cat actually try to eat the herbs yet. Perhaps they don’t smell appetizing to a kitty. But I imagine those chives will be hard to resist because they look so much like grass. And this cat loves nothing more than to eat then puke up grass.

I was most excited about basil because we eat a hell of a lot of pesto in this house. I planted a lot of basil. I planted so much, I had to give away some seedlings. They aren’t really ready for harvest yet, but out of curiosity, I plucked off a leaf and nibbled on it.

Holy crap. Lemon basil! I knew it was lemon basil, but I didn’t know in was going to taste like lemon basil. Which is to say, not like basil at all. It was lemony and sharp and almost minty. This was not going to work for pesto at all. And I have three pots of it. We are looking up recipes for lemon basil and I guess we are going to become adept at preparing Indonesian dishes.

I snipped a few leaves to go over our anniversary dinner, which was homemade crab ravioli with lemon cream sauce.

Looks like basil. Does not taste like basil. We may end up making a lot of mojitos at our house.

In the meantime, I bought new basil seeds, this time sweet genovese basil. I’m sure I won’t be able to shut up about growing those, either.


  1. oh dude, get your hands on cinnamon basil next year.

  2. I saw that in my searches for what the hell to do with lemon basil. I’ll try that next, Shan, thanks!

  3. Okay, something popped in his little kitty brain, and now suddenly he’s noticed the herbs and realized they were plants. Now he really, really wants to be in that window. And he really wants to eat those herbs. He’s fixating. And since he can’t get what he wants, he’s being destructive and bad. I suppose he’s got to be feeling pretty good if he’s being such a bad kitty. What a bastard.

  4. two words: spray bottle.
    cures bad behavior like a miracle.

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