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Joy, Joy, Joy

After our weekend in Portland, going to Oktoberfest and Polish Fest, I came to a realization. We saw lots of families and kids. And lots of babies. A whole lot of babies.

But if you ever wanted to see the embodiment of pure, unbridled joy, get a look at a toddler’s face as she breaks away from her parents and runs off. Running in that half-formed penguin waddle.

We saw a lot of kids over the weekend. And every kid I saw running away from her parents was the happiest kid on the planet. The parents may not have been happy, of course, chasing their little wiggle worms all over crowded festivals.

I know it’s none of my business and I’d probably get arrested, but I almost wanted to encourage and cheer those kids. “Run, little one, run!” There’s nothing happier than an untethered kid making a break for it with their own two feet.

I say this as an adult who does not have kids. I’m sure any parent who reads this wouldn’t mind trying to punch me in the face. But they’d have to catch me first.



  1. It was kind of weird to see this post show up in my RSS feed before it was live here. Did you have to delete and repost?

  2. As the parent of a four-year-old — yes. That is the greatest joy in their lives, and oh, they know it!

  3. Haha! My fiancée and I always do that… “run, you little bastard, RUN!”

    And we’ve got five kids. Just karma for having to chase ours all over, I guess.

  4. Wonderful! Just found out we have one on the way … and I can’t wait to think of this post again when that baby starts walking!!
    Thanks as always for the steady stream of smiles …

  5. Yeah, I’m excited to see Roxy run away from me, but scared that she doesn’t know boundaries yet. All in good time. She’s just working on “ma-ma” and standing longer than 5 min right now.

  6. Aunty Laurie says

    I want you to reference this in a year or two Heather!!

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