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A Taste Of The Old Country

I can’t remember the last time I bought a “snack cake.” Probably not since my early twenties. They are among the category of snacks you might call “barely food.” The kind of food I ate when I was “barely” an adult. Back when I considered breakfast either a whole bag of Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Milanos or Entenmann’s chocolate covered doughnuts.

But maybe another reason why I haven’t bought snack cakes in years is that they are not very good. And I just don’t come across them quite as often. I don’t really go into convenience stores these days, which are really just roadside temples to snack cakes, chips with orange cheese dust, energy drinks, beer and cigarettes.

Besides the evolution of my youthful palette, there was another reason why I haven’t had snack cakes in a while. I’ve made some significant geographic adjustments in the past eleven years. I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast, and without realizing, I moved away from Funny Bones.

Have you had these? Frosted Peanut Butter Creme Filled Devil’s Food Cakes? I had no idea I missed these, until my uncle in Massachusetts sent us a two pound package of sweet East Coast heaven.

OMG, Funny Bones! These were my favorite! I guess I didn’t realize we didn’t have them here. But I’m betting if I had seen them in a convenience store, I would have bought them. Peanut butter and chocolate are my favorite.

Dave, native Oregonian that he is, had never had Funny Bones before. And as luck would have it, it was breakfast time when the package arrived.

Giant, effusive thanks to my Uncle John for sending us a taste of home. We’ve got breakfast covered for the next few days.


  1. When we went back east to introduce Gary to family, Audrey picked us up 2 boxes, and I thought, 2 boxes! We either have to eat all these before we leave or pack them in with everything else. But that soft, whipped, peanut butter filling, oh so good! And soft chocolate covering!

  2. Jim Sifferle says

    Joy and I last night were talking about snack foods that we missed from our childhood. She remembers an ice cream sandwich she had growing up in Northern California called the Its-It. It’s ice cream sandwiched between oatmeal cookies and dipped in chocolate. I’ve never had one, and I’m now on the lookout for them.

    • check convenience stores, especially if you are in CA. i see them all the time in gas station junk food temples. I used to love them. they have, alas, degraded with time. i would almost suggest you make your own.

  3. Glad I could give you something to Blog about, Healthy wasn’t in mind, enjoy.

  4. We always got Its-its as kids camping in central OR, Jim…the campground store had them. The stopped carrying them about 10 years ago, and I was so sad.

    Also, I lived in MA for 4 years…how did I never have a Funny Bone?!

  5. Oatmeal cream pies. That was my boxed snack treat of my 20s. Mmm.

  6. Aunty Laurie says

    Just don’t read, or should I say try, to read the ingredients list!!!

  7. i think we are blog twins. trade you a funny bone for a choco cake.

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