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I Went To A Timber Festival

Saturday, we went to the Astoria Timber Festival. Holy crap. It was no joke. There were big logs. There were people running around with chain saws. There were kids battling to throw each other off a floating log into a pool of cold water.

While it was clear everyone knew what they were doing, and everything was well supervised, I had many, many moments where I had to cover my face and peek through my hands to watch what was going on.

Timber is still very much a big industry in this part of the world. There were a couple hundred people in the stands and milling about the festival. We walked around to check out the booths and drink in the scent of saw dust.

I love the scent of saw dust. Love it. There’s something primal and comforting about the scent of wood and saw dust. It smells like victory.

We probably get a hundred or more of these trucks passing by our apartment every day.

Sometimes I wish I had a yard so I could put bears and other stuff in it. You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

I was sort of disappointed there weren’t more people in attendance. It was a genuine spectacle.

Below, a video of adults sawing logs. It’s impressive.

But then, watch these kids go! Watch the kids on the left.

The kids totally kicked ass! It was awesome.

Then I know they “do” this, and I know kids train and I know they’ve probably done this hundreds of times. But this freaked my shit out.

You just don’t see kids running around with chainsaws very often. Or throwing axes. Even the little ones were climbing around on logs, even when it seemed like no one was looking or paying attention. I held my breath a number of times, but I had to realize, those kids are fine. They are the next generation. All of the nimble professionals probably started as death defying kids, climbing trees and throwing sharp objects around. I was a kid once too.

You know what this is? It’s a goddamned V8 chainsaw.

A GODDAMNED V8 CHAINSAW. You just think about that for a while.

I will consider it one of my life’s great disappointments that I did not see this thing in action. But it will be all the more reason for us to come back next year.


  1. Oh, man, I loved this. I used to work for a TV show that took us all over the state to things like this. So fun!

  2. There a restaurant here in redding called lumberjacks. They make amazing banana bread French toast. They also have big screens all over the place showing the lumberjack competitions. Fascinating to watch. Seriously. Guys shimmying up trees to chop em down, standing on logs in rivers, cutting stuff with chainsaws, hand saws, flinging axes… It’s great. I wanna go with u next yr.

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