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I’m Working Over Here

So we lead a fairly frugal lifestyle. We don’t discomfort ourselves by any means, but we run a tight ship. We began the summer with a nice cushion of savings and it allowed us to get settled into small town living, and get our bearings for what we wanted to do next.

No matter how frugal we may be, we’re still spending money. As the end of the year approaches, our nice soft cushion is getting thinner and thinner. Thriftiness can only go so far. We aren’t living off a secret wellspring of magic money. I *so* wish there was such a thing. Because I would fill our house with puppies and kittens and hire an army of housekeepers to clean up their poopies. We’d be helping the economy! With puppy poops!

So rather than wish for the day we discovered a magic wellspring of money, we are being proactive and we are working. At home. We might be in our PJs, but we’re actually working. We design websites and make pretty graphics. We set up hosting, install blogs and build WordPress sites. We edit photos and massage content. We fix sites that need sprucing up. We clean up messes. Basically, we are like website builders, remodelers and housekeepers.

Right now, I’m working on a number of different projects and we can fill entire days with work we are doing for clients. It’s actual work. And you know what? We love it. We love working from home. I love working with headphones in my ears and a kitty on my lap. I get more done from home than I ever did working in an office.

So hey, if you need a website, or if you want to update a website, or you want help getting a domain or setting up hosting, you can hire us. If you need graphics or a kick ass design, you can hire us. If you need help setting up or managing any social media, or a Google Place page for your business, or a Yelp business account, we can do all that. We really can. We’re running a goddamned corporation over here!

And I swear, I can do all that without any snarkiness or potty mouth. Or I can add EXTRA snarkiness and potty mouth, if that’s your thing. I’m flexible.

But seriously, if you or someone you know needs a website, it would be super duper awesome if you’d consider us. Thanks.


  1. Aunty Laurie says

    I wish I had something to hire you to do, cuz I would certainly take the Extra Snarkey and Potty Mouth add on!!! BTW did you check out Gail’s new pics? I was sporting my very own, Very Stylish, Dave t shirt, while we played our own strange version of Children of the Corn, at Davis (yup, you guessed it, a corn field) Maga Maze, in lovely Sterling Mass.! I was blending in quite well!

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