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Twenty Four Hours in Portland

First, a trip to Bob’s Red Mill¬†to stock up on oatmeal. We picked up our friends Nedra and Roxy. Roxy is pretty much the cutest kid on the planet.

I was baffled by the people who seemed to not notice her. How could they not get pulled in by her tractor beam of cuteness?

Roxy is not even my kid, but as strangers passed by without a even a glance, I sort of got enraged. I wanted to grab them and say, “Oh no, you didn’t just pass by and not smile at this kid. You get your ass over here and goddamned¬†appreciate!”

The other awesome thing about friends with cute kids is that the you can just bask in the adorable cuteness, and not really notice the adorable messes they create.

When Roxy is a teenager and becomes a pain in the ass, Nedra can always remind her of the Bob’s Red Mill Diaper Blowout of 2011. And she can thank me for not taking pictures of it.

After a lovely lunch and our 100 pound oatmeal purchase, we dropped off Nedra and Roxy and headed downtown for pre-Timbers cocktails with friends. The last home game of the season.

How ever much we may have drank, it wasn’t enough.

You can click on the above photo for larger. And below, the season’s last home game national anthem.

So it was a frustrating, shitty game and they lost. But we were glad to be there.

After the game, we popped into The Bitter End to commiserate, then headed to a friend’s house for six hours of sleep.

The next morning, we got breakfast at Fat City, which will be an apt description of my ass if I keep going there and getting their delicious Farmer Sizzle (hashbrowns, ham, onions, eggs and sausage gravy).

The we headed into southeast Portland to go to the Apple Tasting Festival at the Portland Nursery. I love apples.

Despite the gray skies, the rain held off, and Portland Nursery was lovely, as always.

Sometimes I want a yard so I could fill it with pretty plants and quirky chainsaw sculptures. And then I remember I’m not wealthy or hard working, so my yard would probably just turn into a muddy swamp of over grown grass.

We got there very soon after Portland Nursery opened, but the line for the tasting was already pretty long. We did the tasting last year, so we were content to stroll around, pick out some apples to take home, and absorb the goddamned wholesomeness of a lovely fall day in Portland.

Did I mention I love apples?



  1. Looks like you are wanting one of those cute little human beings yourself. hour of pleasure and a lifetime of stress. Enjoy them from a distance (just kidding, well sort of… i have two)

  2. Aunty Laurie says

    She IS Adorable!!! Love those big blue eyes, and of course, Aunty Heather is keeping her entertained and encouraging all that cuteness!!!

  3. i wanna hear more about the diaper blowout.

  4. I’d gladly take back the diaper-blowout days over the dating/driving/moody/complaining/whining teenager days. *sigh*

  5. Yep, that diaper blow out was one of the worst, but she was really cute about it. Thanks for blogging about us Heather, Roxy sure loves you guys!

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