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Welcome, Legions of Cat People

Sunday, I was minding my own beeswax. I was NOT doing laundry, or my dishes, or sweeping my floor, as I had planned. It was a beautiful day out! It was so much more conducive to doing other non-productive, non-outdoor activities, like screwing around on the internet! But I did sit by the window, felt the breeze, and watched a sunbeam slowly track across my floor and thought about how nice it must be outside.

I checked my site stats, as I am wont to do instead of cleaning my apartment, and noticed my numbers were WAY up. Sunday is a slow traffic day. But here, I had traffic like I was complaining about Flugtag (478 hits) or making sweeping generalizations about my new city (573 hits) or lamenting that I missed naked bike riding (381 hits). Basically, I get traffic like Springsteen gets panties on stage.

I checked my referrals and someone put this post up on StumbleUpon under the category “Cats.” It generated hundreds millions of hits. It wasn’t even that great a post! I can do so much better! And it’s barely even applicable anymore since Dave is now less afraid of the cat, so naturally, the cat is less interested in being homeys with him.

So, woe unto you if you underestimate the power of Cat People. They bring the traffic. And since Dinger, my cat, is sort of famous, he isn’t even taking Dave’s calls anymore.

Also, he regrets that your cats are not as cute as he is.*

(*He doesn’t really regret this at all.)


  1. KITTY!!!!

  2. That *cute* cat has you wrapped around his little paw. You’re his agent you know. We should have known his personality when he wouldn’t sit still as a kitten.

  3. I know! But look at his little face! COME ON!

  4. He is one of the cutest kitties I’ve ever seen (outside of my house of course).

  5. That’s funny, I just found so I know what you are talking about! AND I watched an incredibly cute cat video off it. I think StumbleUpon is all about the kittens.

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