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NaNoWriMo 2011: Are You Tired of My Bullcrap Yet?

Posting on this site is going to be light this month. I’m going to do what I can to avoid social media, blogs and news, and I’m just going to write my ass off. I even thought about setting up my laptop in a giant back room, where it would be dark and quiet and free of distraction. I decided against it because that room smells like hamsters. We don’t even have hamsters.

So I’ll shut off wifi, use earplugs, and try not to stare off at the river to watch the boats go by.

Dave has been super supportive and said he’s looking forward to taking care of me this month. He’s ready with the morning coffee and the oatmeal and the cat wrangling. He’s the best. If I succeed in reaching 50,000 this month, it would only be fair to add Dave as my co-author.

Instead of just not posting anything during the whole month of November, I’ll put some links to some of my older posts. Some of the ones I am proud of, or the ones that were popular, or ones that are entertaining. So if you are newish to this blog, perhaps you will find something you haven’t read before. Either way, thanks for reading.

Signing off. BRB.


  1. Have fun storming the castle!

    I’m really sad the OLL ceased production on a t-shirt they used to have specifically for the significant others of novelists, it stated, “I’m a lover, not a writer”.

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