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Quiet Please

Do you ever wish you were a quiet little bunny? And you lived in a wonderful forest full of flowers and grass and cute, happy, friendly animals? And it was warm, and sunny, and beautiful all the time? And all the little animals all got along okay? All you needed to do all day was eat sweet flowers and bask in the sun. And everyone could breathe a sigh of relief because assholes weren’t allowed in the happy forest. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I have moments where I feel overwhelmed, and I go on “unfollow” sprees. I disconnect from reading the paper. I thin out media outlets and squawky people I follow on twitter. And I do everything I can to avoid political news. When the chaos seems extra noisy, or when I’m feeling fragile, or when I’m too easily distracted, I clamp down on those virtual connections.

Unplugging can be detoxifying, but it usually feels temporary. The noise in the world continues whether or not I’m paying attention to it. Actually, it gets louder and harder to ignore. I eventually fall off the wagon. Because, well, it’s the internet. And the internet is interesting.

A more difficult exercise is to dial back the level of importance I allow the noise to have. That’s when I start dreaming about quiet little bunnies, flowers and sunshine.

Shut up. You do it too.


  1. i absolutely do this. i’m doing it right now. somehow, over the past 12 months, i have managed to become a fixture on way too many random email lists. and right now, it seems that it all about consumerism. squawky emails, indeed. so i am deleting them all. unsubscribing. i admit that i do with with a bit of devilish glee. mile73, however is NOt being deleted.

  2. Another lovely post that made me think. Your “happy forest” imagery is wonderful!

  3. Wow, the world keeps harmonizing for me. I spent the weekend doing JUST this, unfollowing on Twitter, harshly deleting internet bookmarks that I’ll never read, and considering what I am getting, and WANT to get out of Facebook. This came after months (years?) of wanting to do something and not knowing it was this. I came to the conclusion that there is just SO much information that it became a blur and I was digesting nothing. I believe I’ll be more happy and productive focusing on only a few things and people, and restricting the outside world’s access to me. I remember life pre-internet and, I don’t know if it’s just nostalgia for years gone by, but I think I was happier and calmer then.

    Seeing your post makes me believe I’m definitely on the right track. Thanks!

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