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Diet Starts Tomorrow

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Biscuits and Gravy, homemade.

I bet you’d like this photo for your desktop. Here you go. You’re welcome.


  1. Oh, sure. Show off what you get for breakfast up north while your friends in Southern California are near starvation. You know, all we get for breakfast is an egg white and one slice of Ezekiel Bread??? And that’s because it’s Sunday and we’re feasting.

  2. Jen…We must fatten up here in the North for the long, cold, rainy winter. We had cookies for “breakfast dessert.”

  3. that looks yummy

    For breakfast today I had fat-free yogurt with Fiber-1 cereal mixed in it.

    OH GOD I’ve turned into Jamie Lee Curtis!

  4. Yes, your elevator speech at tonights LWL meeting actually resulted in hits to your blog. (How could anyone resist with the introduction you gave?!)

    I recommend that you try Pine State Biscuits. They have a storefront at 3640 SE Belmont St, or you can pick one up at the Farmer’s Market at PSU on Saturday morning. I like the “Reggie” which was also featured in this week’s food day.

  5. Thanks, Q! I love new readers! And I love biscuits! I will check out Pine State and

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