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I’m Fricken Pregnant. Double Pregnant.

So, hey, I’m preggers. With twins. This is great, happy news, albeit a bit sudden. We decided to start “trying” towards the end of the summer. But we sort of figured it was going to take a while. Like, a year or something. I’m 38 and therefore no longer a spring chicken for baby making. When it only took us three months, Dave was very nearly disappointed. He was enjoying himself.

I loathe the term “trying.” I know that everyone knows what that is supposed to mean. But in all possible circumstances, I try to avoid putting the image in anyone’s head of us “doin’ it.” I appreciate those who would do the same for me.

When asked, I specifically said “we’re talking about it,” and I used air quotes around the word “talking.” Most people would understand what I was getting at. Though there were some that refused to go along with my polite euphemism and said “You’re going to have to do more that talk about it.” Thanks, Dad.

My sister is also pregnant. She is due in late April. She completely jumped into the research and chatter about fertility and pregnancy. There is nothing she doesn’t know. She is like a walking instruction manual for gettin’ busy and baby making. So early on, we had frank conversations about biology and our sex lives, and we sent each other unspeakable emails. The kind of emails that cause husbands to say “Why, why, why would you tell your sister that? Why?” Well, because she’s my sister.

 I can’t say that the first twelve weeks of being pregnant “felt” like anything. I wasn’t tired. I wasn’t nauseous. I sort of got cramps, but they were hard to distinguish from regular period cramps. I felt bloated, like I just ate to the point of discomfort, even on an empty stomach. My boobs got sore. Then they got more sore. They soon felt like enormous watermelons with their own gravitational pull. I don’t know why you are still reading this.

I’m going to attempt to post somewhat regular pregnancy updates, just as I learn new things, or as body parts start exploding. Honestly, I need an outlet now that there are no cat puke stories to write. How do you feel about baby poop stories?

This photo might not seem so “showy” yet. But before I got pregnant, I was 112 pounds. Ha ha. Cough.


  1. STOP right now with the whole ‘I used to weigh X much once upon a time, sigh…’ stuff.

    Your job right now is to grow two healthy kiddos & you are NOT in control of what your body chooses to do to support that.

    Got it? Good.

  2. Aunty Laurie says

    Ha haha Ah… yeah Your Dad is the last person that should have a visual of you, “talking”! You crack me up!!! I for one can not wait for the baby poop stories!!!

  3. wow.

  4. WOW!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Audrey Griffis says

    This is Awsome :) your post always make me smile – congrats again


    My husband (@built) told me and I had to rush over and read for myself. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t long after finding both your blogs that there was a “damn those people and their big strollers at the farmers market” post on Dave’s where I got my knickers in a knot and made a grumpy comment. Matt says I should bring that up, without mentioning I am occasionally a Crazy Mama, as “Karma gotcha, Dave!” I would love to hear baby poop stories, most especially Dad got pooped on while changing a diaper type stories. I cannot get enough of those in general. I harbor a tiny amount of grumpy about being the main diaper-changer. :-)

    Also, side-by-side double strollers rock. Much easier to drive than front-to-back. Just sayin’. (This leaves the impression we have twins. We do not. Our kids are 22 months apart, but when you’re car-free you know about double strollers.) Nowadays we are all about the bakfiets so I’m sure there are people that think I have too big of a bike that’s taking up too much room. ;-)

  7. yay boobs!

  8. I had to google, “bakfiets,” and now I want one! Dave can wheel you around in one when you get bigger and get practice for ze babeez!

  9. Suzanne Andrews says

    Congratulations to the both of you!! I look forward to reading more as you get futher along! Take good care of yourself.

  10. Well, ‘yay’ along with everyone else. Double-blessed tho? I’m bettin’ you saw that one coming even less-so than you did your interpersonal chemistry experiments being so successful so early. It’s neat that you’re having a wanted kid … but how did you feel when you found out that there’s going to be TWO identical DaveNHeather childrens?

    • Dave was *hoping* for twins, in an offhand, “wouldn’t it be funny” sort of way. I’ll write about the day we discovered it was twins. And how it took a month for the shock to wear off.

  11. Such awesome news! Double awesome!!

  12. ha ha. i should laugh, really, but you are going to get so incredibly huge. i can’t wait.

  13. i shouldN’T laugh…

  14. Congratulations!!!

  15. congratulations! there’s an awesome “mommy blog” called girl’s gone child. she just had twins in september or october.

    anyway, babies are awesome. i look forward to your take on them! :)

  16. I’m so stoked for you and Dave! Congrats all around. Pregnancy looks good on you (and yes, I DO mean your boobs!)

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