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Shelter In Place

The holidays haven’t quite calmed down for us yet. Everyone in my family is travelling, so we decided to wait until January for Dave and me to fly to California to visit my sister and my folks. This was the first actual Christmas Day in my 38 years that I didn’t spend with my parents. It felt weird. But the good news we have an extra week to procrastinate shopping for gifts. Awesome.

We had already decided to have a “low consumerism” holiday, but I also opted for a “low activity” holiday season. Even with some extra time, I was still running around like a nut. Some people are lovely, and the atmosphere during the holiday season is nice. Though sometimes, when going out in the frenetic final days, even in our small town, I could see panicky wild-eyed folks in the grocery store. There were numerous reports of hit and run damage in supermarket parking lots. Manners on the road descended into post-apocalyptic jousting battles.

I just, um…no. I vote no.

I’m not anti-holiday. I think we need something in the middle of winter to look forward to. I’m just anti-nuttiness. I’m nutty enough my own self without added, all-encompassing shared crazy nuttiness. I have enough of my own, thank you.

I haven’t felt the urge to come out yet. I’m just going to lay low until we go to southern California, where every day on the road is a post-apocalyptic jousting battle. I’m polishing my machine guns now.



  1. I was out running around a couple days before christmas. even in my tiny town, where people are unusually pleasant, traffic-wise, it was chaos. racing through parking lots filled with pedestrians, burning rubber into parking spaces, sliding through stop signs to gain that 1.2 nano-second advantage. gah. its so ugly. i slow down lots in defense. and smile and wave a lot.

  2. I had to make multiple stops at Trader Joe’s for Thanksgiving. I have never seen it so bad. It was worse than Costco.

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