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Travel Tuesday-ish: Whale Watching Fail

So I don’t know if you know this: It rains a lot on the coast. People, it rains. RAINS. This week started with a lovely dusting of snow, and has ended with heaping buckets of rain. There’s flooding and pandemonium and gnashing of teeth.

I’d like to think back a couple weeks, forever ago, to a warm sunny day we had here on the coast. It was New Year’s Day, actually. There was a layer of high, thin overcast and a mild breeze. The sun was surprisingly strong. We hopped in the car to go to Cape Disappointment to maybe see some whales. I guess there were whales swimming by. I’ve never seen a whale. I hear they are in the ocean sometimes. Like unicorns.

This day was so remarkably pleasant. It was like a spring day that had been misdirected and showed up too soon. As we drove, the high clouds desaturated the dormant winter landscape. It felt good to be out. We started at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, but we did not go in. We were looking for whales, and they are usually outdoors. We had a pair of binoculars and we scanned the blue horizon. It was hazy and blustery. We saw boats and birds and water and waves.

We were not the only people with this idea. There were a number of folks out enjoying the nice day. We decided to try North Head Lighthouse, which we haven’t been to in a while.

It’s always impressive to walk by the keeper’s quarters, through the woods, and out onto the bluff where the lighthouse hangs over the ocean.

Even in the early afternoon, the sun was low in the sky, and it seemed like it was late in the day. I’m not going to lie, I’m one of those people who are sensitive about this. The barren gray trees, the brown grass, the weak winter sun. They all make me write bad poetry for half of the year.

But, we were on a mission. We were there to see some whales!

Do you see them? Look closer.

Whales are such beautiful, helpful creatures.

So we enjoyed the sun and the waves, even if we didn’t see any whales.

It’s so worth it to get yearly state park passes. We never hesitate to visit and we certainly get our money’s worth by the end of the year.

These people will never know how famous they are, now that I took their picture and posted it on the internet.

Too bad, whales.


  1. LOL!!
    I have some amazing friends who let us stay at their whidbey island house a few times a year. Every year I gaze over the water, looking for the illustrious whales that are said to cruise in and out of the sound.

    They are like unicorns…..I’m not sure if I can truly believe they exist until I see one with my own eyes.

  2. not to brag, but i have seen whales in the ocean. they were very far off as I was on land, and they prefer the ocean, but i saw the spray from the blow hole first, and then the shiny, sleek, fusiform body as it slid through the waves. dolphins too. it was crazy cool.

    about that rain. it started raining here two days ago, i think. and rained solidly until sometime during my sleepy time last night. everybody has been whining about no snow, need the rain, blah blah blah, and within 36 hours of rain, everyone is whining that they wish it would stop. i love it. everything is saturated, there are lakes all over the place where they didn’t used to be, cars are driving either 40 or 90 on the flooded freeway.

    excitement all around.

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