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Home Sick

Hi. I’m home sick. It could have been from the cold and the wet and the mortal terror from last week. I don’t get colds very often. I attribute this to my healthy diet and positive outlook.

But I’m sick. So I’m home. And there’s lots I could do…laundry, sweeping, cat fur de-linting. But I’m sick. All that stuff can wait. I will sleep as much as I need to. And I can curl up with a book. And maybe I can finish a crochet project.

Being sick sucks, but it’s nice to relax guilt free.


  1. Ugh, you too?

    I manned up and went to work (I was sick last Wednesday, too), but I think I’m going home soon.

  2. Came on that fast eh? I hate that, starts with some scratchiness, a few hours pass and your glands are backing your tongue up into your mouth. Sleeeeeeeep, liquiiiiiids, vitamin CCCCCCCCCC and proteeeeeeeeein.

  3. hey, at least you’ll be home for the arrival of your iPod!!

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