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I Know, I Know, I Know

I think we can all agree that “Sorry I haven’t written lately” posts are about the lamest of lame posts in all of Internetland. I know my posting has slowed quite a bit from the furious frenzy I was writing over the summer.

I’m not afraid to admit this winter has sort of kicked my ass. More than other winters. The weather on the coast is certainly more, um, rugged than it is inland. When it gets dark, it’s really dark. Maybe I’m just noticing it more.

I got myself on of those “happy lights.” I resisted buying one at first, but then after a few weeks of feeling unusually blue, I finally got one. I sit at my desk with the light beaming in my face. I guess it’s sort of helped? Sort of? It’s hard to quantify. I know I feel a bit happier on sunny days, like today.

I’m thinking I’ve just felt cooped up. We haven’t been able to get out as much as I like. This winter is kicking my ass.

However. I have actually been doing some writing. I just haven’t shared it yet. I will soon. Soon. Sooooooon.


  1. Vitamin D supplements.

  2. Good news…it’s supposed to be sunny on the coast through the weekend! I’m going out out that way to do some photography, and soak up the sun. I, too, am nearly translucent white and the 20,000 units of Vitamin D I take weekly only helps so much.

  3. Gayle Davis says

    Heather… it’s the Vitamin D. Really. Bump it up to 5000 mg a day. The sunshine vitamin will help your mood. Up to 10,000 mg a day is totally ok.

  4. I know it sounds really lame, and I only know because I once had a freaky, inexplicable (even to medical professionals) rash break out all over my body (gross, right? TMI) but I went to a tanning booth a couple of times during the winter one year, and it really made made me a lot less depressed. I know how lame that is, but it really worked.

    • And as a side benefit, I’m sure you looked great in a bikini that winter too!

    • It is lame, but that’s another thing people says can make a big difference (tanning). EW!

      I emailed you about it separately, but consider trying iron supplements for energy levels too. Made a difference for me this year.

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