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Belly: Week Fifteen or So

I think I could probably sell these to stock photography websites.

Here’s me, gazing wistfully, yet calmly, into the middle distance of our living room.

Translation: “I am serenely pregnant, and in control of everything in my life.”¬†Also,¬†“There appear to be no shipwrecks within my general vicinity/in my living room.”

Here is me, looking a little more urgent, staring into the unknown future.

Translation: “I’m captain of this goddamned ship and no, I am not stopping to ask for directions.” Or, “Those punk kids across the street better not be lighting that dumpster on fire.”


  1. You look so cute, young and healthy! I look fifteen weeks pregnant all the time, but without the cute and young part, oh yeah, and without the pregnant part :-0

  2. Aunty Laurie says

    Alas NO Shipwrecks in your Living Room???? What kind of a Pregnant Pirate are you???? There Should be Shipwrecks!!!! ARGGGG

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