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Cause For Concern?

Here are two books that are being read in our household right now. One of us is reading one book, while the other of us is reading the other. See if you can guess who is reading what.

I know! Aren’t we hilarious!?! No! I’m not nervous or panicked at all! Nothing to see here!*

*(is waking up in a cold sweat sometime between 2 and 4 every morning.)


  1. Dori Strom says

    It’s funny that both books have four little picutres on the cover, one in each corner. You guys really are meant for eachother!

  2. be mellow sweetie. all will be well. really. i believe that about you two.

  3. I got the books; love them. Maybe I’m commenting on a too-old post, but as a pregnant person now, I really really really want to know: Did you also find any good online communities for actual thinking, intelligent pregnant women and their partners? Just searching for one, and trying a couple out, has been pretty depressing. I’d appreciate a referral from you or anyone who reads this.

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