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So I had mentioned that my iPod died. I’ve had my iPod since 2004, which is a ripe old age. It was working fine on Sunday. On Monday, the hard drive whirred and scratched and I got the sad iPod face.

And that was the extra annoyance. It was working fine on Sunday! What could have possibly happened in less than 24 hours to cause it to give me the sad face? It was in my purse, all cushy and snug in a homemade iPod cozy! It didn’t get eaten by a bear, or or dropped in the garbage disposal. This iPod had the fricken good life.

But no. Deadinski the next day. I did some googlage and the best recommendations were to 1. Bring it in to Apple and they might be able to fix it.  2. Hit your iPod or drop it on the floor. Sometimes, a cord inside comes unstuck from where it’s supposed to be and it rubs against the hard drive. Evidently, dropping your iPod on the floor can sometimes fix this (I tried. It’s not fixed yet. I will keep trying.)  3. Open your iPod up and play with its guts. Since there seems to be very little hope of reviving it after 4 years, this will be my next scenario. I need two guitar picks and a credit card to do it.  Wheee!

So I have this blog here, and I frequently blather on and on about stuff because I need lots of attention. And of course I had to curse the day my iPod died. And hark, I was answered by a sweet angel of iPod mercy: KelliG. She had a spare iPod Mini and mailed it to me. I got it today. Isn’t that so super nice?

KelliG has a blog herself and you should go read it here. She writes about her adventures moving from southern California to northern California. About living in Redding, being under-employed and driving four hours to get to work. She’s a professional ethstetician and a nail tech. She gave me a facial once. This woman has popped my blackheads. And she said I had the most sensitive skin she has ever seen.

She’s also a crafty chic and she makes amazing stained glass. Go read her blog. Right now. She gave me an iPod.

Thank you, Kelli.


  1. Aw yeah. Blog-on-blog action.

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