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Two Words.


Holy shit.


  1. From your comment on the Pink Brain, Blue Brain book, sounds like you were BORN to be a mom to boys. You will get dirty with them and have a blast. Congratulations and enjoy!

  2. Aimee Wynhausen says

    So exciting – and without the girlie drama. :) Maybe the next set will be girls.

  3. Dori Strom says

    SOOOOO excited for you both! But you know that ‘Strom Chin’ is very prominate. You need to add that to at least one twin!

  4. Eep! Congrats!

  5. As a mother of two boys myself (not twins, but only 18 months apart), I can assure you there’s never a dull moment!

  6. Outstanding!

  7. Congrats!! From the mom of an 11-going-on-15 year old daughter, woo-hoo for you and Dave!! Boys rock!

  8. ElkoSteve says

    Heck yeah!

    Hide yer women, there’s gonna be two more Strom boys on the loose!

  9. Oh my word. THAT IS SO AWESOME. You are going to love having boys!

  10. lace up!

  11. I’m totally biased right now (as I currently am living through the HELL that is teenage girl-dom) – but appendages are way, way easier to deal with all the way around.

    (and I say this after having had one of those as my *first* kid & survived his own teenage years with a bit more grace, I fear….)

  12. yay! i just got outnumbered last fall when i gave birth to a second boy. super fun! congratulations!

  13. Thanks, all! Glad to hear from so many moms of boys. I’ll have a deeper discussion about having twin boys tomorrow. We knew we were going to be happy with any combination, but the idea of two boys is really growing on me.

  14. Start childproofing now! Twin boys is a different kettle of fish not just double boy energy…it is exponential. You will have lots of fodder for your writing once their antics begin.

  15. Aunty Laurie says

    WOW BOYS!!! Such a….. ah …. JUST KIDDING!!! Having raised two of each, (The girls are twins for those of you that don’t know me) raising any child is Never Easy, but it is ALWAYS rewarding, and very often Humorous! Your going to be AWESOME Parents! And Please Remember, Your Boys… Will Be Boys!!! (Good Luck)

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