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Preggo Photo: 18 Weeks

I know I’m going to get advice during this pregnancy to just “embrace the fatness.” And I am. I totally am. I’m embracing the hell out of it. I was never super sensitive about weight to begin with.

But as I get tubbier, I’m also going to enjoy calling my flubba dubba “maternal stores.” That’s what they call it. “Maternal stores.” That’s where the kids pick up their twinkies and cheese doodles after they are born.


  1. I’m kinda digging the “maternal stores.”

    PS. nice shirt!

  2. Ha! “maternal stores”. I love it and I’m stealin it!

  3. My maternal stores still have some inventory.

  4. Dori Strom says

    Hello Boys!

  5. Hoping to get some of those maternal stores soon myself – glad it is going well for you!

  6. WOOO! I see it!! I see them!! We can sumo wrestle!

  7. oh, you look so cute!! you’re belly is all biggish and cozy. awww… i wish i could give you a happy hug, right now.

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