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“Preparations Have Been Made.”

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I’m traveling to California this week to go to my sister’s baby shower. She is having a baby at the end of April. She is also a first time mom, so my parents are getting triple grandkids all in one year. They are out-of-their-mindsĀ ecstatic.

My dad, also, has installed a new toilet in the guest bathroom. Remember I told a story about the toilet in the guest bathroom? It was a doozy. Go read it here: The “Danger Toilet” at My Parent’s House.

My dad said he put the new toilet in for reasons other than my blog post. Evidently, no one has ever really bonded with the toilet in the guest bathroom. He installed it himself, and anticipating my visit, he sent me an email with some photos entitled “Preparations have been made.”

Awesome. Evidently, they use bean curds and golf balls to test the um, “power,” of toilets. I’m not making this up.

“Flushes 4X more than the average adult needs.” There nothing I could write to make this any better.

However. We’ll just see if this toilet live up to the hype. We’ll just see. After all, this happened. I still say it’s not my fault. But it happened.


  1. Well, you *are* flushing for 3 now…

  2. Aunty Laurie says

    That’s the same to toydie we put in, after the same 10years of “Unsatisfactory Flushes”!!! It works AWESOME!!!! There will be no more , Catastrophic Clogs!!! All will be Happy!

  3. I want that job! I want to spend my day flushing golf balls, bean curds and whatever I deem necessary to test toilets. I’m sure all the toilet tester jobs probably go to six year olds though.

    I do hope we’ll get a review of the Bold New Toilet.

  4. Of course the users of this device are “above average” so it remains to be seen if it will accommodate what’s expected from it.

  5. you have got to love the marketing of indelicate items.
    and i agree with PamC, that job would be so much fun! this is something to send to Mythbusters, lol.

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