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Someone Is Excited To Be A Gramma

We got a bunch of packages from California this week. My mom had taken me shopping while I was visiting. There was so many baby clothes, little socks, cute little onesies, soft PJs, I am sure the plane would have crashed if I tried to take it all with me.

This makes it feel a bit more real.

Also? This.

We inherited this double stroller from a lovely friend. A double stroller.

Two babies. We are having two babies.





Holy shit.


  1. Audrey Griffis says

    love it

  2. Wow! How fun to sort through all the cute stuff! We just sent 2 boxes, one with bottle stuff and the other of boy clothes. And so it begins.

  3. Yea lugging the two car seats and the double snap n go home (rattling around in the back of a zip car) was definitely a big moment of “oh this is really happening.” More so than assembling the cribs. It was crazy to picture that those two seats would be filled with babies in a couple months (and I probably should strap those seats down when occupied and maybe get a car). Let grandma get her ya yas out but lots of good consignment/resale option in town for lightly used clothes and gear.

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