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Tulip Fest 2012

Having now moved back to Portland, it’s easier for us to go to all the festivals and events that we usually dork out over. On Saturday, we got up at a leisurely pace and drove over to the 2012 Tulip Fest at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Have you been to the tulip fest? It’s pretty mind blowing.

Saturday started under a thick overcast. It was almost foggy. The clouds and dim light would normally dampen and wash out the colors of a normal day. But not 40 acres of riotous, happy flowers.

We were glad to have brought our hiking boots since it had rained all week, and the ground at the farm was coated with thick, silty mud. We got there a little after ten, and it was already filling with people.

We had seen some of the old steam tractors the last time we went to the tulip fest.

There must have been a clearance on overalls and mustaches at Nordstroms.

I mean, come on. Have you ever seen such a thing?

People were out with their kids, their grandparents, their dogs, their cameras. There were a dozen different bouncy castles, beer, frickadelwurst (a delicious spicy chicken curry sausage) and frickin Jägermeister on tap. I’m not kidding.

Babies riding tractors. Come on.

One last weekend before it’s over. If you go, go early. It quickly gets crowded as the day progresses. But even then, you are still in a field, surrounded by flowers.

It’s a spectacle. Go see it, if you can.



  1. Aunty Laurie says

    OMG Beautiful! I would LOVED to have been right there with you!!!

  2. Who doesn’t like a baby driving a John Deer! The mixed grouping of flowers at the bottom cant be a photograph,I love that color.

  3. Those tulips are gorgeous! Yet another reason I need to visit Portland someday.

  4. We have yet to make it to the tulip fest, although we have been to the daffodil festival in Junction City. Your photos reawaken the need.

  5. don’t poke fun now! you KNOW next year you will have a photo of two babies on a tractor…

  6. Woah! Your beautiful photos of the tulips just rocked my world!

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