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I Feel Great! Wait, No. I Feel Like Dog Poo!

I’ve been trucking along on this whole pregnancy thing. I’m around 24 weeks and I’ve been feeling pretty good. More than pretty good. My energy has been great, my mood is good, I’ve been sleeping well, I’ve been chewing through projects and feeling productive and goddamned virtuous.

So we moved, and the very week we moved, I had about a half dozen new clients show up looking for help with websites. And I had two people call in a panic because their sites were hacked. I had a day to unpack a little before I was sitting on my butt in front of my computer, working. Which was great. I love work.

I was also unpacking, and I was running errands, and I was shopping, (which I love HATE), and generally cleaning up, and I didn’t think anything of a funny little cough that seemed to be nagging at me. It was just a little tickle cough, and it made me have to clear my throat a lot. It seemed totally┬áinnocuous.

My colds never start with a cough. They start with a sore throat. Or sometimes, I get the sniffles and I sneeze a bit, and THEN I get a raging sore throat. That’s how it works with me. All colds start the same. Sore throat, then sinuses, the sometimes a cough if the cold goes into my chest, which doesn’t always happen.

But this silly little cough started to get congested. And I thought it was interesting, but I didn’t slow down and evaluate that I might be coming down with something. I continued running around like a nut, because I still felt pretty okay.

Until I didn’t. I stopped feeling okay. I started feeling like dog shit. It came on like a ton of bricks. I got the sore throat, I got the stuffy, painful sinuses, I got the congested, deep cough, and motherfucker, I got them all at once. I also started feeling aches in my hips, which could just be from being pregnant, or it could be from being on my feet for a few days. And also, my eyeballs hurt. And my skin. My goddamned skin hurts.

Also, I have total mush brain, and all that energy I’ve been riding high on has dribbled out like so much drool as I sleep with my mouth hanging open. I’m a class act.

Okay? This is why I have a blog category dedicated to Whining. Arguably, this is why I have an entire blog. To tell the world how siiiiick I am. Want me to tell you the color of my phlegm? Because I will.


  1. Also, FYI, when I get colds, I get a zit under my nose in the exact same place every time. So I’ll have another blog post to write when that happens.

    • thats from blowing your nose and leaving a tiny bit of snot. Or you are just rubbing it raw with crappy tissues. tissues with lotion are the only way to go. lol!!!

  2. When your eyeballs hurt, it generally means you have the flu, not just a cold. I am so sorry. You will need 7-14 days to feel better, so please be kind to yourself and take it easy on the working…okay?

  3. Heather, this sounds exactly like what I got last week. I never get colds like this, either — it was the first one I’ve *ever* had that frakked my sinuses this much. It’s been a week and a half, and I’m still getting sinus headaches (again, something I’ve never had before — I had to do research to find out what drugs to take). I does get better, but goddamn. Hope you’re feeling good soon!!

  4. The future grandparents cure for this condition ..move to Southern California!

  5. ah, welcome to pollen season. you, me, and about all of my clients this week are going through the exact same thing. the eye-ball hurting thing is the worst, lol. i bitch and moan and blow my nose raw, until i do the nettie pot and then it gets much much better. sinuses. drain that shit out.

  6. oh and cold packs are great too. across the eyes and bridge of the nose. feels like heaven. plus you have to lay on the couch to use one, which is always a good idea.

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