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I Got A Hot Date

I’m off to go meet this little one.

I will do everything in my power not to scoop her up and stuff her into my mouth.

But, COME ON. Could you really expect me not to?

These photos were either by her mommy or daddy, I don’t know who.

And more photos over here by the magical Ion Hartunian. If you are in the Los Angeles area and need wedding, maternity, or newborn photos, he is the man. It helps that my sister and her husband are gorgeous human beings. I’m already feeling bad that I’m going to eat their daughter. Sorry, guys.



  1. I would also eat this baby. Just adorable. I describe babies as delisious!! Yum. I love your next post, so true all of it. You look amazing. Don’t fall over forward. Gonna get front heavy!

  2. Awwww….that’s some major cuteness right there!!! Congrats Auntie! :D

  3. Dori Strom says

    She is absolutly adorable!!! I can’t wait to meet her!

  4. i went to the website… really beautiful photos. i like the posing and the contrasts with the black and white. great shots. elliana is such a gorgeous name, and she IS really really cute. i especially like her little mona lisa smile in a couple of the photos….

  5. Oh man. The stork brought them a CUTE cute baby. Love the pic with the pink hat and also the one in the treasure chest. But they should’ve put her between two slices of bread so you could EAT THE ITTY BITTY SAMWICH.

  6. Scrumptious babies. My youngest one is leaving babyhood to be a toddler. I’m a little sad because I just got ‘snipped’ yesterday! Seeing as how I have four children, I shouldn’t be too downturned about the whole thing. It is a sort of ‘letting go’ of a part of my life though.

    But… enjoy those babies while they are little and squinty eyed. They grow — get noisier and faster. And just as beautiful (but different).


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