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On The Road

You know how long it’s been since we had a proper road trip? Or a weekend away together? A long fricken time.

Last summer, while we were job free, unemployed bums, we did a lot of driving and explored the north coast. But we didn’t stray too far from the coast or Portland, because, well, we were job free, unemployed bums. The whole year was a vacation.

Now, with two little monkeys on the way, and before I explode, we are getting our travels out while we can. Last night after work, we hit the road for Sisters, Oregon. We took route 26 over the mountains. We’ve¬†taken that drive before, but it was overcast. This time, the sun was slowly sinking in the west, and the ridge of the Cascade mountains lit up like frosty confections as we drove. It was a jaw-dropping spectacle. It felt like a treat. It made me remember, I love, love, love these excursions.¬†Oregon is a beautiful place, yo.

Today, we look around Sisters, including some natural and historical dorky stuff, then we are off to Bend.

Fricken YAY! Road trip! Happy!

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