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Some Preggo Updates: Week 31

I still get people saying I’m not showing so much, especially for twins. Really? Can we talk about this?

My belly button is still, just barely, pointing inward.

It’s like watching someone inflate a balloon. They just keep going and going, and you see the balloon stretch, and you know that balloons can only get so big. And you squint your eyes, and watch the balloon stretch further, and wait for the inevitable POP!

That’s me right now.

Since we are having twins, we are getting more OB appointments and ultrasounds than a singleton pregnancy. We’ve started a birthing class and we were stunned that some couples didn’t know where their baby was. Meaning, they hadn’t had an ultrasound in so long, they didn’t know if their baby was head up or down, if they were breach, or transverse.

We’ve gotten ultrasounds every four weeks or so, so we’ve always had an idea which direction the babies were in. Not that they left much room for doubt, since they’ve both been kicking me in the upper right side for the past couple of months. If I get kicks a little to the left, I know it’s Baby B. Anything on the right, it’s probably Baby A. I know if I get movement through the middle, it’s because they are punching each other.

Our last ultrasound was a few weeks ago, and both babies are head down. Baby A is about as close to the exit as he can be without making an escape. Baby B has his head tucked under his brother’s chin. So they are both pointed in the right direction if we are going to try for a natural birth.

When I say “natural,” I mean vaginal. I was trying to avoid using the word vaginal, because this is a family blog, but there’s really no way to sugarcoat it. We want the babies to come out of my vagina. That’s where babies come from. Vagina, vagina, vagina.

I imagine this birth would not be considered natural by some, because I’m getting the drugs. I want the drugs served up as I walk in the door. Whatever drugs they need to give me. We will be delivering in the operating room regardless of how the babies decide to come out. An epidural catheter is standard (whether we use it or not) and delivering in the OR is automatic with twins. There’s a 50% chance of c-section. I’m fine with all this.¬†Whatever it takes for them to come out healthy, with as little damage to me as possible.

Because, oh, did I mention this? Baby A’s head is in the 97th percentile. This kid’s head is bigger than 96% of the rest of the babies out in the world. BABY A HAS A HUGE HEAD. Goddamnit. I mean, great. Wonderful. He’d better be smart.

My OB assured me it’s better for Baby A to have the big head, because I assume it means he’s going to clear the pipe for the rest of delivery. I’m so glad to hear this news.

At 28 weeks, Baby B weighed 3 pounds. Baby A weighed 3 pounds 5 ounces. The extra weight is probably all in his giant noggin. I’ve gained just about 40 pounds. I mentioned to both the ultrasound technician and to my OB, that my sister just had a 6 pound 12 ounce baby. And both the ultrasound technician and my OB said both twins will probably beat that. BOTH OF THEM.

My OB has told me that with the way these guys are measuring, she’s not going to want to go beyond 38 weeks. So that means we will very likely have these kids in July.¬†That’s next month. Holy shit. Seven weeks, maximum. And the weeks are FLYING by.

Holy shit, y’all. We’ve got babies on the way.


  1. Seven weeks! Holy shitballs!

  2. Not that you want any more advise – but I have been induced – pitocin sucks. Try to wait till the boyos are ready to come out so you don’t need the pitocin – uggg.

  3. So! exciting!

    My boys (one at a time, of course) used to kick me in the upper right ribs as well, and it would burn burn burn. Towards the end, I’d watch TV in the evenings from the carpet, on my hands and knees, kinda rocking back and forth and in general–looking pitiful.

  4. FWIW Don’t discount the margin of error on the ultrasounds…I was supposed to have two 6 pounders and came home with a 5 pounder and a 7 pounder as they picked opposite sides of the margin of error (just one of several examples of how guys are total yin and yang). I guess they were right that there was 12 pounds of baby in there. Glad to hear you aren’t committed to a set birth plan….one friend claims the only thing that actually happened in her birth plan was her boy wasn’t circumcised (nor was her girl.) Flexibility helps, especially with twins. Also I really wanted to avoid induction because I thought it would start a slippery slope of medical interventions…but needed to be induced because of preeclampsia. Gave birth “naturally” less than 12 hours after induction began…no pitocin. So there are some rosy induction stories.
    And good girl, yes to the epidural. I went in wanting to do it without drugs but was flexible…so glad I went with it. Clearly it didn’t slow down my labor and I was much more present for the birth and my sense of humor returned immediately after they gave me the drugs (which is important when you tell the nurse, “it kinda feels like I’m pooing” and she looks down and says “because you did.”)

  5. Meredith says

    Holy cow! I just saw you a month ago, big difference!!

  6. You look huge and lovely, seriously!
    Yay for drugs. It sounds like you are having a (oops. I just realized that if I say this, I might jinx things).
    Hope it all continues as it has been. I wish I could see you.

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