Baby Gear

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Right. So. We wanted to do everything we could to NOT go cuckoo nutty bananas buying all kinds of STUFF for the babies. I wrote about it over here. We spent all sorts of time downsizing our stuff. Then we had babies and babies need stuff. Gah.

Here’s some stuff that have been helpful to us with our twin boys. I’m not being paid to endorse any of these items. These are all things we’ve used and found helpful.

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps Size 1 Gender Neutral Colors 6 Pack with Reusable Dainty Baby Bag Bundle We cloth diaper our boys. But we use a diaper service, because our washer can’t handle the poo! (I wish that was a joke, but it’s not.) I wrote about our deliberations over diapers here.

Cloth has worked out great for us. We’ve only had spots of diaper rash that lasted less than a day. As our guys got older and they started sleeping through the night, we used disposables.

We tried a number of different covers and wraps, and the Thirsties Duo Wraps are our favorites. I suggest going to a consignment store and buying a few different types to see what works for you.

finishedgymHey! Here’s something you don’t have to buy! You can make it yourself! A homemade play gym!  Our guys loved it. And I was thrilled that I didn’t have to buy a flashy plastic gizmo that I would hate. Homemade! Look at me go!


Kidco Go-Pod Portable Activity Seat

These have been a life saver. We have two of them. We never got any walkers or bouncy seats or exersaucers. The Go-Pods are like camp chairs for babies. We used them when they were little to help them find their legs. Now we use them to keep them in one place for a while. They fold up so they really are good for camping or other trips away from home. Another outdoor photo here. We love these things.

Joovy Room2 Ultralight Playard Black

The Joovy Room2 was our first “sleep away from home” solution. We had lots of plans to travel with the boys. I picked this “play yard” over others because it was the largest, almost 9 square feet. The bottom was flat on the floor, so I wasn’t worried about the weight of twins making the bottom sag. And this was among the least goddamned tacky of the play yards. I didn’t want noisy things and hanging things and plastic things or brightly colored weird animals or whatever. Sometimes all that stuff is creepy. And it’s stimulating for maybe 5 minutes, then it’s never interesting again. Blah. This worked great for sleeping while the guys where little. Now we still use it just to keep them corralled and entertained.

Kidco Peapod – Cranberry

Once the guys were rolling around in their sleep, we had to separate them. One boy is a champion sleeper and seems to be able to sleep through the night no matter where he is. Our other guy is sensitive and wakes up if he doesn’t have enough space. So we got these Peapods to sleep in while travelling. They fold up into light little discs, which saves us a ton of space. Each baby has his own, and we have them face each other so they can play a little and giggle before they nod off. Having these means we don’t have to lug around the play pen (above) for sleeping.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Equinox

We got these car seat because they got great ratings and it was one of the few seats that would fit in our Saab 9-2x (basically a Subara WRX). We ended up having to get a bigger car anyway, but these seats worked great.

Baby Trend Double Snap N Go Stroller Frame, Black

To go with the Chicco Key Fit 30 seats (above), we got the double Snap N Go. There is a huge controversy about whether the Snap N Go works with the Chicco Ket Fit 30s. HUGE CONTROVERSY. I’m here to say they do work together. The seats don’t “snap” in, and perhaps this disappoints people. But they do fit. It does work. We used these together for a year until the guys grew out of their seats.

So, listen to me, interent: The Double Snap N Go DOES work with Chicco Ket Fit 30 car seats. It does.

Britax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car Seat, Onyx

These are the second car seats we got for the boys. These are convertible, so we can turn them from back facing to front facing when the guys turn two. I got these rather than other seats with more bells and whistles because COME ON, car seats are expensive and we have to get TWO of them. Ultimately, all car seats have to follow the same safety regulations. So the manufacturers can really only make you part with your money over luxurious-seeming features.

So these seats get good ratings and they are middle-of-the-road expensive.