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coffeemeframeHi there. I’m Heather. I write this blog. I like maps, lounge music, big trees, strong coffee and some other stuff. I do not like ferns, blenders, stairs, forklifts, or mixing peas into spaghetti sauce. I think geology is interesting. I’m married to Dave. I’m the one who assembles the Ikea furniture in our house.

If you’re new to this site, thanks for visiting! You may want to check out how we downsized, paid off our debt, and stopped buying so much stuff. Or maybe you might be interested in our road trips, camping and travels around Oregon. I’ve also written a lot about living in Astoria and Portland. Dave writes the hell out of Portland.

I have various rants about consumerism. Sometimes I just write about stuff that happens to us. I write a lot about being a nutjob and my feeeeelings. I can’t shut up about it.

We also recently made babies. I won’t go into details. If you don’t know how that stuff works, go ask your dad. Our twin boys were born in July 2012. So now, (surprise!) I have lots to say about parenting. If you’d like to read stories about being pregnant with twins, read away over here.


I’m also on Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s my original “About page” and how I arrived in Portland…

LifeI was born in Germany. I have a hard time pronouncing the name of town I was born in. I came back before I was a year old. I didn’t learn any German words. Not even the swear words.

I grew up in rural Massachusetts. I was a huge dork.

When I was 20, I grew tired of the traditional college experience. I quit school and spent a summer at the Grand Canyon working at the North Rim Lodge. When I arrived, I didn’t know a soul. I like the desert and wide, open spaces. One day, I’d like to build a straw bale house in the desert. I will probably paint it orange or some other bright color.

After the Grand Canyon, I moved to back to Massachusetts and lived in Boston for seven years. I waited tables, but then began temping at my university’s accounting office. I was hired on staff, and thus began my wayward career in accounting. If I have any advice for aimless youngsters: BE CAREFUL WHAT TEMP JOBS YOU TAKE. You will look back 10 years later and wonder what the hell happened. Boston is a great city and I miss it. I only talk like I’m from Massachusetts after a couple drinks, or if I’m on the phone with my parents.

After I finished my very useful BA in Humanities and Literature, I moved to Santa Barbara, where I didn’t know a soul. I had never even been to California. Santa Barbara is beautiful and expensive. It smells like petroleum. I was there for a year, and then the internet broke, I got laid off, and then September 11 happened. Awesome.

So I moved to Los Angeles for six years. In the beginning, I liked Los Angeles more than I thought I would. By the end, I disliked Los Angeles as much as I thought I would. The traffic in LA really is as bad as they say it is. I worked at Hollywood studios in their goddamned accounting departments.

I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to open a coffee shop with some friends. I swam with fish and got lots of sunburns. I have a problem with sunscreen. I worked at a coffee shop and frequently needed to wake up at 2:30 in the morning for the opening shift. It gave me a wrinkle under my right eye.

After four months, it looked like the coffee shop thing wasn’t going to work out, and I couldn’t take all the sunshine and balmy weather. So I left Hawaii and after some deliberation, I followed through on a long term plan to move to Portland, Oregon.

When I arrived, I didn’t know a soul. I stayed in a scary motel for the first week. I got an apartment in NW Portland (The Neighborhood for Newbies) and after two weeks, I got a goddamned accounting job. After three weeks, I met a guy, a cutie Portland boy, who eventually became my boyfriend. All in three weeks! What luck!* Then I fricken married him!

I fricken love Portland!

*This, seriously, is where the asterisk says “Results Not Typical.”