First rest stop. There was no "Welcome to Oregon" sign heading north on interstate 5. I was disappointed. How am I supposed to know where I am? I could STILL be in California for all I know. I did pass by a "Mile 73," however. I did not get out … [Read more]

Culture Spasm

I've never spent any time in the Pacific Northwest, except for my mad-dash PDX/SEA trip in December. I have spent time in each corner of the country. I grew up in Massachusetts, my parents lived in Florida for a time, and of course, I recently … [Read more]


I am staying in a Motel 6 while I look for an apartment. It’s just under $52 a night. I’m trying my best not to touch anything. The hotel room doesn’t have a tub or a shower stall but a flimsy fiberglass shower “pod” in the corner of the bathroom. … [Read more]

Jobs, Apartments and Kitties

I'm looking for apartments. And a job. And freezing my ass off. More on this soon. But first, a movie of a cat with a cup on her face: Keetah With A Cup On Her Face from Mile73 on Vimeo. This is Keetah, my sister's cat. This was a trick she … [Read more]

I’m here.

I’m in Portland. It’s cold enough to freeze puddles. Why did no one think to talk me out of this? Water freezes here! What the hell? Does NO ONE care about me? The drive was a breeze. Traffic was great, the scenery was anywhere from mildly … [Read more]