Gittin’ This Show on the Road

So I'm moving to Portland. I had been thinking about Albuquerque also. I like the desert, butte mountains and cactus. I have a fantasy of building a thick-walled, adobe, straw bale house one day. Sony will be moving people to ABQ in the summer. … [Read more]

Dinner and a Movie

I went out on a date tonight. With my Mom and Dad. My Mom used me as leverage to go see I Am Legend, since my Dad didn't want to see it. My Dad doesn't care to to see movies where things jump out at you. Mom likes Will Smith. I didn't care one … [Read more]

Not Leaving on Jan 10

I caught a cold. I can't move to Portland with a cold. I'm at my Mom and Dad's place, eating chicken soup, and letting all the pets pig-pile on top of me. A large, stinky, wet-nosed, mouth-breathing pig-pile. … [Read more]

Maybe ABQ?

Maybe? Coyote tapestries and turquoise jewelry? Adobe houses, kiva fireplaces and 300 days of sun? Maybe? … [Read more]


Do you have New Year Resolutions? Here are mine: 1. Get a Job 2. Get an Apartment 3. Do not become a Bag Lady Pretty awesome, huh? 2008 is going to be great! I am in So Cal right now, spending time with my family. My car arrives off the boat … [Read more]