Know What This Is?

  It's a sock. I think my dad gave me these socks. It's mate is long missing after being used as an impromptu iPod case. I have had this one sock for years. It has traveled from Florida, to Massachusetts to California to Hawaii. Now it … [Read more]

Leaving Hawaii

Before I left California, I was describing my plans to a woman who is a noted cardiologist in Los Angeles. I told her I was relocating to Hawaii to start a coffee shop. I explained that I don't have a relationship, family, house, or career that … [Read more]

Some Photos o PDX and SEA

Below, some photos from my trip to the PNW. I like three-letter abbreviations. They save so much time. Tori Amos was playing. Huge crowd waiting to get in. Christmastime in the city. Japanese Garden Big Fat Mocha Icon Space … [Read more]


I'm up to my eyeballs in books, clothes and boxes. I have a week and a day before I leave for Christmas. So I'm just trying to wrap up here. I'm mailing all my belongings through the post office. I'm bringing the cat to the vet next week for a … [Read more]

Help! Stranded in Maui!

Quick! I'm running out of little umbrellas for my mai tais! Send help soon! Sunrise at 6:30 in the morning. This was the view from my room at the resort where the airline put us up for the night. The ocean was 30 feet from my balcony. … [Read more]