Air Travel With Twins: It Sort Of Sucks

We've taken the boys on two trips involving airplanes. Both times, the anticipation of chaos, gnashing of teeth and full-on armageddon made travel stressful. Dave hates air travel even without babies. So with our twin boys, plus Dave, I clenched my … [Read more]

Trying Not To Laugh

Our guys are fifteen months old. They are spastic little imps. That phrase popped out of my mouth recently. Someone asked me how the boys were doing and that is what I blurted out. "They are spastic little imps." They have been screaming lately. … [Read more]

Testing The Boundaries Of Our Immune Systems

The guys love the swings. They LOVE the swings. The swings. They love them. There are a couple parks in our neighborhood that have baby swings. These are public parks and they are lovely. The weather in Portland usually turns chilly … [Read more]

Cookies, Cooking, Etc, Part II

I little while ago, I complained about cookies. But I also talked about how I like to cook, and I feel like I've gotten more skilled in the kitchen as I've gotten older. Don't get me wrong, though. My favorite go-to lunch is still a box of Annie's … [Read more]


In the 1990s, when I was in college and waiting tables, I screwed around with my hair quite a lot. It was almost always short, so it seemed pretty low investment if something went tragic with the science experiments I performed on my head. I look … [Read more]