I Must Not Bake Cookies

I love to bake. That may be the most predictable statement ever from a woman, who is a mom, who is home with kids, who has a cat, who blogs, who lives in Portland, Oregon. But I'm saying it: I love to bake. I have come to love baking more and more … [Read more]

Milestones: 1,000th Post. And Also…

That's what this is. the 1000th post on this blog. I've been blogging since the end of 2007. I've written 448,889 words. Thanks for reading. Blogging is fun. And we had another milestone in our house this weekend. Here's our guys, eating … [Read more]

A Grand, Happy Day in Our Household

I occasionally get a little sensitive about writing this blog. I sometimes see that people find this blog by searching for my name. And I initially wonder, why would anyone search for me? People from high school? Ex boyfriends? The mob? Then … [Read more]

New Post Up At What To Expect: Favorites

I have a new post up at What To Expect, about favorites. I used to have one favorite. Now I have three. It's complicated. You can find the post here. Please go read! … [Read more]

Babies: Where Do They Learn This Behavior?

So, babies. We have two of them. They have behaviors. Some of these behaviors make perfect sense. Like when Cask is insufferably miserable in the heat. The red cheeks. The sweaty hair. The incessant whining. God, this is my kid. I don't even want … [Read more]