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Tank Full Of Gas (Multiple), Chapter Nineteen: Elko, NV Part 1

We decided a while ago that we were going to rent a car for this trip. It was our ambition to drive to Elko in a day, and for that, I figured I would want to take a couple breaks and let Dave drive once in a while. As it turns out, I was not […]

Thank You

These are the Stroms, The Elko Division. Andy, Steve, Dori and Nick. Nick is SUPER excited to be hanging out in the woods with his family. We have packed a redonkulous amount of fun into 48 hours. Our vacation already feels like it’s been a week long. Here’s Dave and his nephews. Thanks, guys!

The Drive to Elko, Nevada

All of these photos were taken by Official Road Photographer, Dave Knows. Black Butte heading east from Route 20. It rained from Portland, all the way through the valley, until we reached the summit of the Cascades. Three Sisters shrouded in clouds. Way east of Bend. Somewhere. Cows. More road. There was a lot of […]

Hi, Internets. Can I Have Your Opinion, Please?

Have you been to Crater Lake? Did you like it? We will be driving back from Elko, Nevada in the first part of September and we are trying to determine our route.   We get advice on Crater Lake ranging from “It’s beautiful! Unmissable! Amazing!” to “Eh, you can see it in an hour.” Having […]