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Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter 18: Camp Creek, OR, Again

Because we like it. Of all the various places we’ve camped and visited, Camp Creek has been my favorite. It’s close to Portland, it’s got big trees, the sites are spacious, and you can hear the river throughout the campground. This is important, because it is close to 26, and you can sometimes hear traffic […]

Tank Full of Gas, Chapter 15: Camp Creek, OR

The goal this summer is to go camping once a month. We had great luck with the weather on our last trip. It was chilly and windy, but there were bright, crystal-blue skies on the coast and we couldn’t believe our good fortune. So for this trip, I got a little overconfident. It had barely […]

Nice Sleeping Weather

It will ALMOST be in the 50s! Let’s go sleep outside!  On the side of a mountain!  There might be snow at 8000 ft! Look for the write up next week, if I don’t lose my fingers to frostbite.  Maybe I’ll be able to type it out with my nose.  But I will probably lose […]

Tank Full Of Gas Chapter 13: The Gorge, Stonehenge, Hood River, Mt Hood

Last weekend was the warmest, sunniest couple days so far in Portland. I had grand designs to be really productive and do some art stuff and some business stuff and some web stuff. I had a long list of things I wanted to get done. But the sky! It was so shiny and warm! It […]