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Chapter 16: Astoria Midsummer Scandinavian Fest, Part Two

We spent a few hours at the Scandinavian Fest, eating Swedish meatballs and marveling at the wooden shoes (they are lighter than they look!) We headed back into town and went to the Columbia River Maritime Museum. Evidently, the “bar,” where the Columbia meets the Pacific is one of the most treacherous areas in the […]

Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter 16: Astoria Midsummer Scandinavian Fest

Two road trip weekends in a row. The cat has been very close to smothering us to death in our sleep from want of attention. Because if you are a cat, and your humans callously abandon you two weekends in a row, what choice do you have but to kill them while they sleep? Maybe […]

Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter 14, Part 2: The Last Post On Camping (For Now)

A few incredulous people have asked me why I enjoy camping. I’m an adult. Why forsake all the comforts of home? Why sleep outside in the cold? Why use restrooms where there are bugs that could bite your butt? Why the hassle of setting up and striking camp? I think all of those inconveniences are […]

Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter Fourteen! Camping On The Coast, Part 1.5

We took a lot of photos on this trip. I’m trying to come up with a photo solution. Either on Flickr, which I haven’t been keeping up with, and doesn’t seem to allow me to sort the way I want: chronologically. The technology! To sort chronologically! It evades us! Or by creating a web gallery […]

Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter Fourteen! Camping On The Coast, Part One

People. This trip combined many layers of awesomeness. Decemberists’ concert. Camping. Big trees. Campfire cooking. Sand dunes. Sand in my ass. Coastal vistas. Twisty, fun roads. 520 miles. We left work early on Thursday to make the drive to Eugene for The Decemberists show at 9pm. We wanted to beat traffic, check into our fleabag […]