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Did You Kiss Anyone?

In another example of Portland networky “small townness,” Dave and I recently had the pleasure of catching a shoot for Mike Vogel’s latest film, Did You Kiss Anyone? Up until that day, we had never met Mike. We had enjoyed his fucking brilliant Snowpocalypse video from the storms last year. And the charming episodes of […]

“Mild Winters,” My Ass

Watch As My Head Puffs Up And Explodes Like a Tomato

Okay. Have you heard me talk about moving? The doormat and all that? I can’t shut up about it. Our apartment moving situation was settled way far in advance. The market is so soft and apartment buildings are so desperate for tenants, they are giving away free rent. So we secured an apartment weeks ago […]

Recommends: Lovely Hula Hands

I myself am not in this predicament, but if you ever find yourself in love with someone, and you don’t know how to tell them, you can take that person to Lovely Hula Hands.¬† And they will understand. If they don’t love you back by the time you finish the chocolate souffl√© cake with carmel […]

Breakfast Is Going To Make My Dad Yell At Me

Breakfast this morning. We went to Bob’s Red Mill, inspired by the 2009 World Porridge Making Championship. What, you didn’t know there was a championship for porridge making? It’s in Scotland. What kind of rock do you live under? We even got to behold the Golden Spurtle that winner Matthew Cox brought home to Oregon. […]