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Crap Weather = Site Redesign

I may be the only one to feel this way, but I’m a little bit relieved for the summer to be winding down. Summer was go-go-go with the street fairs and the cultural fests and the Timbers games and camping trips and the road trips. I don’t think I vacuumed for three whole months. You […]

A Night At The Polish Fest

Wisely, we opted not to plan any other obligations this weekend except to go to the Oktoberfest and the Polish Fest. We spent our Saturday lounging in our PJs into the wee hours of the afternoon. We decided to head over to Interstate Ave towards evening with the hope that *maybe* the crowds might be […]

A Night at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest at Oaks Park. We have been looking forward to this since last year’s visit. Because we like accordions, schnitzel, and wiener dogs and beer. We decided to start early and go Friday night after work. It was a lovely evening. We got beer, we got food, and we sat down near the wiener dog […]

Vaux Swifts 2009

Vaux Swifts 2009 from Mile73 on Vimeo. We went last year also. It’s a goddamned spectacle. If you haven’t gone to see this yet, quick now, like a little bunny and go. They will be moving on soon. Magically our trip has been blogged over here. I love it when that happens!

My Big Fat Red Meaty Face

This post may sound like I am complaining about the hot weather. Or, this post may sound like I am complaining about being flabby and out of shape. I will complain about neither. Or both. Which is the same thing. I’m also going to complain about my ass bones. So it’s hot, right? And I’m […]