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Somewhat Daily Photo 8.2.11

My first Oregon road trip. I don’t actually know if this is Oregon or California. There was no “Entering Oregon” sign on the I-5 when I drove up for the first time in January 2008. I may still be in California, for all I know.

Sound Like Fun To You?

Would you drive a 37 year old car 900 miles through the Mojave Desert?  How about with no air conditioning?  In a car so small, it makes a Miata look like a tank?  And rides like a roller skate?  How about both ways? My dad and his brother, who is flying out from Massachusetts, and […]

Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter 16: Astoria Midsummer Scandinavian Fest

Two road trip weekends in a row. The cat has been very close to smothering us to death in our sleep from want of attention. Because if you are a cat, and your humans callously abandon you two weekends in a row, what choice do you have but to kill them while they sleep? Maybe […]